Friday, February 8, 2008

Voice of humanity

It is being very hard to survive is this world without fear. However optimistic we are at heart, our self esteem is deteriorating due do lack of humanity. What man has made of man ! I am being forced to repeat a lot of revealed truths yet again for the sake of a lot of people who have not yet responded to the voice of humanity. Touching the feet of elders ,giving a share of your first earning to your elders ,informing your elders when you have migrated to a new place to ensure safe landing...where have all that culture gone? People have forgotten to say an 'excuse me' , a 'sorry' , leave alone a thank you.Infact in the mornings when I walk up to college with full of positive thoughts...I , most of the times, hear a lot from the watchman who speaks with peevish displeasure for not walking properly or for not getting the ID card. These are just mannerisms. The Kidney kingpin , Dr. Arun Kumar, it is shame to have such Indian professionals as a part of our country. The whole racket has been flashing in every news channel and newspaper and has provoked every mind to start pondering about where we are heading.There was another article about a few children who went browsing over the net for finding out ways to cut off oxygen supply so as in to get "high".Ofcourse one kid did die while trying out this which has appallingly destroyed his family and friends and those who are still worried about humanity. For many of you, the word humanity would sound alien and for many of you ..a very far off thing. People still manage to throw wrappers and other wastes in the open without any guilt.I don't see any stalwarts in the making . Nor in the present , nor in the future. Not unless we don't change our attitude. Shashi Tharoor had once spoken about an incident that took place when he was studying in Delhi.His mother had asked her 'sweeper woman' to wash the steps of the building they stayed in. The lady would have obviously benefitted by receiving an extra pay for the job offered. But instead she shot back saying ' why should I madam? The building doesn't belong to you .'

Another problem is that the citizens of India have always behaved with a mindset of being a statesperson. A Bihari, a Keralite ,a Tamilian , a Maharashtrian ,an Assamese ,etc. They don't want to represent India or rather they are just comfortable representing their own state. I've never seen that co-operation , that spirit when each Indian proudly says 'Mera Bharat Mahan' on August 15th anywhere else. Yet there exists a competition among states on who has invested more on the celebrations.Even in reality shows , participants represent their states and in the final stages , it's more like which state can vote more. Even when the participants beg for votes, they particularly name the state they represent so as in to gain an extra vote! Has anyone in the history of reality show claimed to represent India ? The only time I've seen such a thing happening is when they win the competition and ofcourse are 'forced' to walk around saying 'I am the best' and 'Thanks to India for voting me'.We had a finalist who apparently started begging for votes outside a 'thattukada' saying that it's ONLY the votes than can make her win.Hope the viewers don't misjudge the true talent. Like Tagore has always said - Humanity is just like the sun, it can only be clouded , never extinguished. I am signing off with hopes of waking up to a beautiful morning which should be showing me that lil ray of hope to see India emerge as the one and only.


MM said...

Trust you to come up with such thought provoking posts at the right moment!!

Ur words rock!

crazyBugga said...

diversity rocks! India can never be one. Its one thing to be together at a political level. But an entirely different thing to be together at a cultural level. We are different people. But I will agree with you if you say that all our problems are essentially the same.

nice post kid [:)].

Neha Nair said...

mm: Thanks man , waiting for the film festival reviews which again, ill be missing it ! :(

Neha Nair said...

Anush:I have not written about India at the political level.. I infact didn't bother too. It really won't make a difference. And about the KID part.. it's high time you realise that I am turning 19 this September :)

strollinthunder said...

The example of state and the country would have been ideal for false patriotism rather than Humanity :)

Yes, there has been a gradual decrease in peoples approach towards their elders....parents themselves play a large part in helping towards this scenario.

Other etiquettes mentioned are a function of the persons upbringing his environment and friend circle.

***Good topic to bring up as a blog...appreciated!

Neha Nair said...

strollinthunder: Thanks! You know most of the time children show that care free attitude towards parents and teachers assuming them to attain the same position as their friends. But everything has the lakshmanrekha.