Friday, February 22, 2008

I am not boasting now , but my life in Oman was just way too perfect apart from the fact that it was monotonous.I had no problems with strikes or the pollution or the absence of streetlights or power cuts or even the dealing of public garbage.Traffic is controllable cos of the traffic signals.I have probably experienced a power cut twice in my life, once when there was some work going on near my place and second when cyclone Gonu had affected the whole of the Sultanate.A year back when I was moving out of Oman for pursuing my degree, a lot of people had warned me about the frequent strikes that take place in Kerala. I was initially happy about the whole idea of no classes and all due to this , but later on began to realise it's drawbacks.Absence of class led to incomplete portion which again led to inclusion of the whole portion for the models. And I really know how hard it is to learn 20 chapters of which only 8 were taught.

I have always been proud of being a Keralite despite all the mocking people do about the locals accent, English in particular. Kerala would be the only state which has got beauty with brains. If India had a beauty pageant between states it is indubitable that Kerala will win. And musically , if I wouldn't be a Keralite I wouldn't be able to handle all the languages with ease. And c'mon there has not even been one non-Keralite who has been able to pronounce malayalam with the right accent.

Strikes have been an 'in' thing in Kerala. And what is worse are the reasons they hold a strike for. It's absolutely hilarious to see the party members hold a fast for getting their thing done. And not to forget the fast goes on till they don't get their will granted i.e. in other words the fast remains forever, though it is actually broken on the very first few hours of the fast.All of them sit together in peace, many of the ladies discussing about the sarees they have adorned and many of the men discussing about what to have for tea. If strikes are going to remain for a few more generations then probably we must make that a tourist attraction spot. India, or atleast Kerala would mint money that way.It's is completely disheartening to see young students taking action politically. They way students get beaten up is definately a sight not to be witnessed. Every time I hear or witness such incidents I keep wondering what must be going through their parents.

As of now preparing for a ghazal concert on the 24th at the Lulu International Convention Centre, Trissur.It will actually be a mix of filmy ghazals and will also include few bhajans.All are invited.It's an one and a half hour's show commencing at 10a.m. I will upload the audios and videos that I will get of the concert.


Fresh Lime Soda said...

Hi Neha, nice blogs, really liked those songs and few snaps of yours.Its tough for me to write a single blog and you find time for 3, way 2 go.

Happy Blogging and wishes for your singing career.

Neha Nair said...

Thanks a lot for those best wishes..and if there is a will there is a way..I just know how to manage time :)

Chriz said...

waiting for trissur

Sriram said...

heh.Tell me about it..I study in a govt. engg. collg out here..We had a strike 4 2 full weeks 4 cryin out loud..:-|..And yeah, i totally agree.. Some stuff about kerala totally reeks, and i dont see it gettin any better in the near future..sigh!

Neha Nair said...

WOW...2 weeks? you can't get luckier..we get hardly 2 days and stuff.. and it still does effect the portions.

MM said...

Today's the 26th!
The concert must be over by now!
Hope it went well!

And if u do happen to have a concert in TVM, do letme know!