Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jodha Akbar is one good epic I got to watch. It's not dragging , to the point and for all those who said that very less was shown on Akbar's fight sequences and ruling, it's actually a romantic movie which speaks more about the love of Jodha and Akbar which went unnoticed. And the previews never said that the movie had something to do with his ruling and achievements though a lil of that too was shown. Excellent cameras, awesome costumes.. and the best part of all - it's music. Once again kudos to Rahmanji for making yet another memorable record.Well about acting skills.. Hrithik an Ash have done a fair job.

I was just so sure about something crazy happening on the Valentines.I have seen people desperate for fame , but not as desperate as Rakhi Sawant and Abhishek! She slapped him or whatever and he apparently thanked the Headlines Today for patching them back!! And the news channels are even more jobless to telecast it all on television. How low can they fall ? And ofcourse not it isn't a matter of sour grapes but of 'lathon ke bhoot baaton se nahi mante'..or in Javed Jafferey's words - The ghost of the kicks don't listen to the talks :) Ciao


Jenni said...

Nice review...
Jodha Akbar is a master piece. After some time we got a chance to watch a nice historical movie. I really loved the astonishing costumes that they wore in the movie. As you said the best part is the music by ARR :)

MM said...

U really liked Jodha Akbar?
I went ahead and watched it and had a real comfy snooze!

Might be writing something abt in a couple of days time!!

U got that right on the spot abt the Rakhi Sawant - Abhishek Awasti 'slap'stick affair! ;) Headlines today seems to thrive on slaps, incidentally... they were having a ball on the by-now-infamous Mammootty slap as well!

Guess slaps hog the newsheads these days!
Slaps sell!
;) :D

strollinthunder said...

On the whole it was a neat stuff..brilliant music,good direction...though the fight sequence seemed to be a rip off from Gladiator and Troy.

Memorable line:

"Jannath kya hoti hai?"
Jis dil mein Mohobath hai,wohi Jannath hai"

All of us simultaneously yelled wow wow....wow wow!!

Khwaja ji is an awesome tribute to the Great Saint Moinudin......simply good.

Neha Nair said...

Jenni: Absolutely.. JOdha Akbar is a good epic.I completely forgot to mention about the costumes.. good ones.. by Neeta Lulla..the stuff is simple but the way she has mixed the colours are completely innovative.

Neha Nair said...
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Neha Nair said...

mm: You can't completely blame the couple. I feel most of the time , news channels want a masala news and probably provoke them to create a scene. And yes Jodha Akbar is a good one. Just good.

Neha Nair said...

Jinu: Listen , it's very unfair to expect intellectual dialgues from Akbar!! He is actually an illetrate who was trained how to fight an enemy. And what kind of dialogues do u expect in an epic movie? Words like mohabbat and phrases like 'tum meri jaan ho' have all evolved from great love stories like theirs.In olden times these lines were one of the biggest ways of expressing one's love.

About the music.. it's always rocking stuff from Rahmanji. Each and every song is amazing. One hing I am glad about is that Man mohana was only acted out by Ash and not sung by her. Cos she was initially chosen for singing that bhajan to bring in 'naturality' .. AAh.. the different ways of murdering a song :)

strollinthunder said...

Yes, I am listening!

Wondering when I complained about the lack of "intellectual dialogues"....btb what is an "intellectual dialogue" ??

In fact I was appreciating that beautiful line...wow wow wow wow ;)

Neha Nair said...

very very sarcy...I've justfied myself pretty well!And I still think that the dialogues were not a problem..I mean I am sure you did'nt expect him to say that 'jannat for me is a place full of clouds and angels' :)

strollinthunder said...

if u remember, these lines were not told by Akbar rather by one of the wise men of his court.

I am reiterating again that....those were my favorite lines from the movie :-)

Neha Nair said...

you know what?... actually that dialogue does make a lot of sense.. and yes I am finally :) convinced about how favourite that dialogue is for you.

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