Thursday, May 29, 2008

Examsssss overrrr !!

Done with all of them. Now I am a second year. Hopefully shall retain that qualification after getting my results too :D Right now I am trying to think for a suitable name for baby and dada camel. I am thinking of an Arabic name since I got it from ~Arabia~ . Usually during the Muscat Festival we get to hear sooo much of Turkish music. All of similiar kinds with excessive beats. You feel like doing Shakira right there. And for food we usually never go into the Indian side and instead dig into some shormas and tandoori stuff. My god they are heaven!!! You need to handle them correctly as they serve the chicken pieces like marshmallows. And you need to dip them in the garlic paste for the Arabic touch. Life was fun. This time also when I had gone to Oman, we went to this Turkish food outlet called Istanbulli. And you get amazing shormas there. Sadly I am not a hardcore meat eater nor am I fond of sea food so didn't try out the mixed bowl which contains all kinds of meat (almost) and sea food. Although it looked delicious. We ended the session with a glass laban. Laban is one of the most famous and favourite non-alcoholic drink. Some sort of sweet and sour butter milk. It's not as sweet as lassi nor as salty as lime soda. But it's unique.

Most of the people in India think that Arabic food is at it's best in meat. But that's so not true. The Kargeen Cafe is again an Arabic food eatout where we had a ladies night out. We had only vegetarian food coz apparently most of the chicken had a tinge of meat flavour. So to be on the safer sides ,we sticked to breads in baked style. There was this one girl from our group who had Pinnacoloda which is Pineapple mixed with coconut water served inside the coconut shell. I ordered my usual mocha. For desert we had brownie which was amazingly big, mouth watering and too filling ! Eventually I left it half way unable to reach my target. The ambience of the place is also good. It has a roof made of wood which as cross shaped giving space for the sunlight and the moon. They don't have a concrete base, it's hard rock with carpets layed on them. And we are seated on chairs made from bamboo.. or sofa's with embellished covers which have typical Arabic work done on them. You can even do Sheesha in various flavours. A man sitting on the table next to mine was smelling of grape. I really didn't know that Sheesha /hooka had so many flavours including strawberry and vanilla ! I never tried one, not coz I never got a chance to but cos I saw my friend doing it and she got choked. So no playing around with my voice :)

Another place I luv is the Starbucks right across the Shatti beach. Sunset there is too good. Most of the time we used to celebrate there. After exam parties or break-from-study-parties and even Birthday parties. Though most of the Birthday parties used to be celebrated in Pizza Hut or Mc D. Since I had a lot of spicy masala type food this time (was making the most out of it). I am craving for idiappams and dosas and istu. The mixer had to go off at the right time knowing that I am coming for some food which requires grinding. So for two more days will have to do with 2 minutes maggieeeee... That's making me hungry..ok catch ya after maggieee-fyinggg

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nitish said...

name ur camel nitish.its d best name for camels.