Friday, May 9, 2008

On my way to my hometown, I passed this wild place...well atleast it looked like the wild cos I had just woke up after my sleep which I think was longer than the one Kumabakaran had taken. Anyways.... and this wild place of which I just had one glimpse reminded me of King Kong movie. The scene where the tribals celebrate over their sacrifice of another human. That wild also looked like one of those kinds. You never know, they could be canibals or maybe they were nude people rejoicing over some kind of cultural feast or something. I saw a lot of fire being a burnt and all. I know I know..... it was just a glimpse... but I did catch a lot of it. Educating the tribals is as good as teaching a lion to sing. They are so content with their life. When younger , history textbooks spoke about the various tribes India owned and blah blah.. and have always wanted to be a tribal person assuming they have no boards to attend or any math tuitions to go for..oh BTW..I love math..that shows in the 96% I scored in my 10th. Math was loads of fun especially when you know how to tackle it... Ok.. aren't all the subjects simple if you know how to tackle it? Except History... my ! what a terrific subject!...Dates and dates and dates....I mean why?? I don't remember any of them. But I loved the history of Sir Rajaramohan Roy... maybe cos he worked a lot for the upliftment of women. I liked the history of India ...the Jalianwala Bhag incident then the sepoy mutiny and all that. I disliked I HATED world war.. the world would have been such a simple place if we had just the 7 continents...avoiding the state names and capitals and all that would have made history so much more simpler... oh-uhhh.. I guess I deviated from the main topic.

Coming back....I got this forward about what would Titanic look like if it was made in India. The last and final bumper point was ... that the ship would have few seats reserved for the SCST/O.E.C./ etc... what a shame right?? we are actually making fun of our country... but I must admit.. it was funny :D I don't believe in discrimination done due to caste/creed/race/religion. Soooo against it. But what's the point?? Still , till today people believe in it ..and just by one person the mindset will never change. Leave alone tribes!! Excuse me , but it's very hard not to think of how they must be managing with the raw meat they cook for all the three times. Oh cook? cooking everything fresh! There must be some one ... some hitler somewhere who could probably bring a change in the tribes. Maybe we should take a closer dekho at it as soon as we find a solution to the poverty problems among the non-tribes here.

Yesterday, I had gone to my new home where the construction is still on...gone for an what is known as 'inspection'. One of the architects Arul introduced us to this very cute lady who is apparently an architect from Botswana, S.A. He was trying to explain her that me and mom are leaving for Muscat in 2 days..and she was a little confused..but did get the point when he mentioned Sharjah. Let me clear something. Sharjah is NOT Muscat. They are both induvidual countries representing the Gulf region. Sharjah is in Dubai. Dubai is a country and is five hours (by car) away from Muscat,another country. Everyone in the world thinks that both are the same places. Some don't even know such a place like Oman exists. This time when I go there, will definately take lotsa pics and will show you what Oman is like. I have some already in Snapshots

Blogging will be taking a back seat for maybe a week or so.. will try to update ASAP...keep watching this space.

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Vishnu Visakh S said...

hmmmmm........nice...creative have...gud language...and...the ability to make people sit and read ur article..if they happen to read first line....

woww..carry on.....

and happy journey.....dear.