Thursday, May 22, 2008

I was anxiously waiting for this day. As it was planned we reached the airport at 9. Waiting is a punishment. Sort of. I was suppose to greet Srini sir with a bouquet and another small girl was supposed to welcome Johnson sir. Initially it was exciting and when the waiting became longer and longer I was suggesting the lil girl some books of Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl. Gulped down a whole bottle of water and still time ,the biggest villain just doesn't take the name of running fast. We actually heaved a sigh of relief when Srini sir called after landing to ask about where to get the visa and all that. After receiving we left them at their respective hotel rooms and there after met for lunch. Actually Srini sir was so hungry that he messaged dad saying he is hungry and wants to hog and then hit the sack. So we had to arrange things a lil earlier than scheduled and all of us had 'chettinad thali'.

Admist the lunch Johnson sir was telling how Malayalam music is still not used or is unknown to many. He was saying that in all reality shows most of the singers hardly sing malayalam. Al of them outstretch into other languages, mostly tamil and also ape for the west. Whereas the other regional reality shows always have sungs sung in their respective language. Johnson sir being the only National Award winner from Kerala for the Best Music Director in our state was also saying that the jury for the National Awards hardly cared about the South Indian Industry. And Malayalam was considered as a baby or rather a minor in the field. Whenever there is a Satyajit Ray film, it had to win a national award. That was the system and people were comfortable with it. Except for a few. Few became many in time. He has his side of humor too where in once he apparently considered the finger bowl to be a bowl of lemon juice and devoured it warm! He's devoid of fear, sharp, talkative and hardly cares about what people think of him.

He's shy, suttle, gives one a feeling of warmth, not too glamorous, diplomatic and a sincere musician. That's Srinivas for you. He was too hungry to even discuss. Infact when one of the media person came to get a video byte from him, he said 'Food first and then the rest'. After the big fat lunch we had we went onto ordering something not cold and tasty for desert. Majority opted out for gajar ka halwa and Srini sir jus obliged.He was explaining the terms 'minus track' and 'plus track'. On not knowing what the latter meant he said it means miming i.e. a track with the singing where the singer just has to mime. He was telling how disgusted he was with such practices. These are times when a singer is lost and doesn't exactly know what he wants.. money or justice to his talent. Savouring each bite of the extremely sweet carrot halwa we ended the lunch with a photo session. And everyone was off to catch some Zzzzzzzzzz.

After nap time Johnson sir was taken for his say in the video byte and Srini sir was bored so we took him to the cornish. He loved it... and the weather was pretty cool by evening. After some ghup shupping at the sea side we headed for the dinner party organised by one of the members of the Rajanigandha team. Had great fun and all the singers of tomorrow's show were asked to hum a few lines. Nervous as ever I sang one of my personal favourites Manjaladam. Then we had a small photo session with the mummys and daddys. We soon called of as we have to wake up pretty early for tomorrow's show. So I think I am gonna Zzzzzzzzz...

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