Monday, June 23, 2008


If there is one thing I would like to change in me it would be my teeth. I hate them. I used to want to kill them five years back. But then the mettallic wire strapped on to my teeth then had brought peace in my dental home. The day I got them off I was so proud of them. It was like a freedom struggle to achieve the best smile. You would understand my emotions if you would have seen me then. I heard 2 teeth growing in the lower half. And one in the front of the upper half and the middle tooth of the upper half was all set to march ahead. Since I used to be a hardcore dancer then, everyone called it cute. They said I look like Manju Warrier. I mean whatever. I hated it. People always do that for consolation. Anyways with braces off life was happy. Until.... the middle one of my upper half started to march forward again. Why? Why does it want to lead when the master hasn't asked for it. These are those types who act smart and want to show off. And cos of this attitude my smile is again ruined. Have any of you ever faced this?? Like you took the trouble of taking off gum from your braces despite all the anger just cos you wanted your smile to be like Madhuri Dixit's. And you had to avoid pizzas and McDs to avoid pressure over some stupid mettallic wires that decide your looks to some extent. Urrghhh.... now I need to visit the dentist all over again to fix this. Unfair and my teeth is going to pay for it someday. *gloooooooooooooooooooooom*


V I K said...

lol, somethings gotta be on the negative side too..God doesnt complete anyone :)

nitish said...

hey i hav a bad teeth too.i got braces on my teeth and now it has come out quite well.i mean the teeth.
u dont need to giv much of attention to such stuff and a person who has undergone having braces on for 1-2 years would never evr hav one again in life.cos u hav so much of trouble wid d braces.
but obviously a persons smile is a very attracting thing.
anyways take care

g-man said...

yea i'm kinda bugged abt my teeth too. i want vampire canines! mine aren't nearly long enough for that :(