Friday, June 20, 2008

Guruvayur Concert

Can you believe?? A strike !! I thought I wouldn't be able to make it but the Police force said that it is safe for private vehicles to move around after afternoon. So started by three thirty and reached there like in 45 minutes. We were expecting less crowd as it was strike but much to our surprise we had to wait in the queue for around an hour. The nada which usually opens at four thirty opened at five twenty today coz of the shiveli. Love elephants. Especially baby ones..I wish I could own one some day. The long hours of wait and complaining is finally put to an end when you witness the Guruvayurappan idol. Once we got out I was listening to some kiddies who were singing their lungs out. Children are so innocent. It's sweet to hear them and also reminded me of my young times. Oh my God! I am talking as though I am already 50.... well it feels that way .. going to turn 19.... my last teen year :( Anyways I was sitting backstage when I noticed a lot of commotion going on right outside the place. Didn't bother giving it an ear so I didn't know what the matter was. But later it got quite serious as in the people who were fighting brought their instruments and other materials inside. As though it was their turn next. That's when I got to hear the whole problem. Actually these guys had booked the 6:30 slot and so had we. But the committee people didn't make a note of the former one and hence the commotion.I was suppose to perform after the girl who was singing then and the time was already past 6:30. Then my guru and the other guys had a major discussion for five minutes or so. And I was asked to cut down my 1 1/2 hours katcheri to 45 minutes. I chose to sing Vatapi Ganapathim, Bhavayami, Elara Krishna and few bhajans ending it with a thillana in Bhupalam. The point was performing at Melpathur. As far as that is fullfilled I am least bothered about what others want to do or say.

I thought of starting a Video blog. As in so far I put all my videos in Surmitr. Thoguht of seperating it. I guess it will be more convenient. It won't be updated that soon... cos I hardly take videos of my concerts... but with whatever present I will commence. Suggestions needed!


V I K said...

The management sux big timee!!!...

And hey, as of now, isnt it better to have a single blog cos neither the audios nor the videos get updated regularly. I think thats betta.

Congrats 4 ur show. performng there is a part of every singerz career is guess... thats done now.

V I K said...

Neha , me using ur blog to publicise mine alrt? :)

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