Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rude reality?

I saw a coverage which said about how rude a reality show can get on Headlines Today. The girl didn't dance well and the panel of judges had a list of gruesome words for her. And now she is suffering from Adam's. I feel some people go into depression cos they are never prepared to face the bed of thorns. You can't completely blame the judges for it. To some extent they also do get annoyed with baseless performances. Especially when it's a show that scrutinizes and shortlists the best of bests, to see some shake a bad leg is a punishment for the eyes. If she would have failed an interview ,she would have definitely gone into depression. I mean participants should definitely be prepared to face anything when they are entering showbiz. When you are in a competition where you think it's the path that could lead to death ,you should keep doors open for another chance incase someone pulls you down to earth for another chance to live i.e. if you're sure it is a 'could' and not 'would. I've always felt that apart from giving a grand stage and the oppurtunity of performing in front of eminent celebs ,reality shows shapes up a dream at the outset and then gives it colour. When one is ready to live it fades away like thick fog taking all the colour from it.
I read a very funny piece of article which wrote about how grumpy a news channel can get on it's way to increase it's TRP rating! The best one was the one with CNN IBN (I think) showing that the khukri cannot be flushed even at the 10th try and practically demonstrated it on the screen (Khukri is the weapon that was used to kill Aarushi Talwar- in reference to the Noida Aarushi Talwar case). And the one that said " *breaking news*.. no clues found yet! on ____ murder case". The breaking news is that we never found any clues !!! Hehehe...for a change I liked the whole sham of the creators of obnoxious enigma.


V I K said...

Its completely stupid that judges are being blamed for the girls disease! Now, somebdy tell me- Whats the judges got to do with the gal getting a VIRUS? did they inject the virus via something? Now,High time people grow up! The doctors very clearly stated that its a virus thats causing the trauma and not any kinda depression!
Imagine, If i had gone through the same situation when i failed to clear the IIT_JEE in 07 , I got into a trauma and den the JEE paper setters were blamed fr not setting me a paper which could clear me!! Seriously - the whole thing is nothing less than stupid, somebody tell me whyz the media simply covering a gals traumatic situation when there are thousands in worser conditions.. Cos they are bored of reality shows i guess :P
n dont mention that murder case here. Its like the media is investigating the case rather thn the CBI.. they do things and let the personnel follow what they say. Then, whyz der a law and administration here?? Country is moving frm Worse to worser..!!

kumar.s.r said...

VIK , I agree with you .

Hi Neha ,

Is it ' definately '
or ' definitely ' ?

In most of your post's , you have used this word ' definately '.

Rohit Tripathi said...

m totlay agree with wht V I K said... this is only a publicity stunt Neha...

Rohit Tripathi : I Love Allahabad

Neha Sasikumar said...

Sorry Kumar, slip of the fingers.

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

yeah you are right... you cant really blame any one person for it. Judges have to do their jobs in such competitions... and i suppose criticism hurts but in the end it makes us stronger.