Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Enthithra Sandeham - A Teleserial song

I had recorded this one last year. I had gone there for another recording and Mr. Ronny liked my voice and asked me to sing some swaras for a musical piece he had composed for Paithrigam. After that he called me to sing for a Teleserial. I was quite excited. It is a sad song and falls under Christian Devotional genre. So please listen to it and give me feedback. Listen to it HERE.

I have decided to start a video blog and tranfer all the videos in there. Thanks for all the suggestions and support.


V I K said...

:) , Guess wat? Ur blogs readerz have disappeared!!! Wer are da others?? its just me ... !

nitish said...

ok vik,i'm bak.u know wat neha,i think this song is just okay and not good.its very dull and ur singing doesnt hav that energy.i know the song is a dragging devotional but ur vocals doesnt hav that punch in it.
but overall ur atleast getting some opportunities.im sure u will do well soon.gud luck.ur stage prformances r more better ,i think.

Neha Sasikumar said...

Vik: I told you I am never bothered whether people comment.. but for those who comment... thanks a million!

Nitish: Thanks for the feedback. Will try to do better next time.

V I K said...

Its not lyk that.. I meant that the usual bloggers are missing all of a sudden