Friday, June 27, 2008


I am quite impressed with this new album I got hear the other day. Maybe in May or something. Why am I blogging about this now?? Because the Music Director of Kanavupol has started blogging! He has started his audio blog giving an introduction about his album and work experience. I know this post isn't a commemoration but it sure is a promotion tag. It's quite occult and has a latitude of the best singers the industry has ever produced. Manjari, Jassie Gift, Karthik, Anitha, Vidhu Prathap, etc are some who have lent their voices to this mystic work. Do give it an ear and I promise you that it's a true entertainer. Check Kanavupol here at

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Thanks guys and keep yourselves tuned :)

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Sajan said...

Hey Neha...I thought you always knew that the blog, like the album, was my creation from concept...I find this poor-cousin reference to me in your blog rather surprising and unacceptable...while there is no dispute that that the music is completely Karthik's, I was the mother who bore the kanavupol baby...and I own her...I endure the pains of nurturing her before the begining and after the end of of the involvement of other nice people who came in to help...thats not fair!!!